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This past week has not shown much change to the contours of the various division races. In the NL, Chicago and Washington continue to lead by healthy margins, with LA and SF fighting for the West crown. The contenders for the final Wild Card spot remain St.Louis, Miami, and Pittsburgh. Miami swept their 3 game set in Pittsburgh this weekend, improving their chances significantly.

The situation in the AL is similar. Cleveland and Texas have sizeable leads in their divisions while Toronto and Boston are in a virtual dead heat for the East crown. Baltimore has begun its traditional summer swoon, but remains in contention. Add in Detroit, Seattle, Houston and the suddenly red-hot KC Royals (8 straight wins) and the fight for the 2 wild card spots could be epic.

As promised in the last blog, I'd like to share the results of the systems and factors we have detailed in our baseball video. Today, I only want to talk about the very first system we mention. Here is how it works:

1. List every underdog today. I use the website

2. Exclude every dog who would bring back greater than 50 cents.

3. Exclude every dog whose opposing pitcher is in the top 20 pitchers list in ERA. This information is easily attainable from the website MLB Statistics, USA Today.

4. Exclude any dog who has lost at least 3 games in a row or whose opponent has won at least 3 games in a row.

This system takes perhaps 15-30 minutes a day to do and creates, on average, about 6 picks a day. I've been tracking this system all year, and it has done extremely well. It has produced a record of 362 wins and 381 losses. Remember, these are all underdogs! Betting an imaginary $100 for each bet, this system would have produced a $4,753 profit, an excellent ROI of 6.4!

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