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Super Bowl newsWhile the All Stars are taking in the sun in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl, the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers have begun their preparations for football’s premier event. While the news is rather sparse at the moment, there are a few items worthy of mention.

First, many of the walking wounded on both sides are on their way to recovery, or so they claim. Carolina’s Thomas Davis broke his arm this past Sunday, had surgery on it on Monday, and has proclaimed himself ready for next Sunday. That’s one tough hombre. Jared Allen isn’t far behind in the “toughest hombre” sweepstakes, saying his broken foot “feels great”. Denver’s safeties T.J. Ward and Darian Stewart, both injured in their win against the New England Patriots, didn’t practice this week but have assured everyone that they’ll be ready for the big game. Everyone else seems ready to go.

Second, the media has been concentrating on separate story lines regarding the two QBs in the game. Peyton Manning, Denver’s venerable 39 year old QB, was originally accused a month ago of having Human Growth Hormone (HGH) delivered to his house some years ago. Al Jazeera based its story about Manning and other athletes on the word of a former lab employee, a person who has since recanted his accusations. The NFL, Major League Baseball, and the Anti-Doping Agency are now investigating. On the flip side, Cam Newton has officially been crowned as Superman. Stories abound about his size (yes, he is 6’5” and weighs 250 lbs.), his speed (he can run the 40 yd. dash in a very quick 4.59 seconds), and his vertical leap (35 inches). He has a great smile, winning personality, and makes lots of money on endorsements. And, oh yes, he can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Finally, the line on the game: After opening at 4½ with Carolina as the favorite, the smart money came in on Denver and drove the line down to 4. Since then, however, 80% of the money bet has been on Carolina and the line has risen to 6.

We’ll catch you next week with another update and preview of the game.

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