Sports Information: Darts



  • A good television format with extensive live coverage

  • Strong betting and exchange markets, including in-play

  • Performance statistics available, including head-to-heads.




Darts is a throwing game, in which flighted arrows (darts) are thrown at a circular target (dartboard) fixed to a wall. The game originated in the UK as a pub sport at the beginning of the twentieth century.




Darts is now a widely televised professional sport played throughout the Commonwealth and in the Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia and the USA. The sport is governed by the World Darts Federation, which is negotiating for its inclusion in the 2016 Olympics. There are two major organisations the PDC and the BDO with championships in each organisation although the PDC is seen as the strongest.




Research recent form, specifically in the current tournament

Compare prices offered by a number of bookmakers to secure the best value

When you watch matches, focus on players' body language to assist in-play decisions




All major UK and European bookmakers offer markets on professional darts as do betting exchanges. There is a lively in-play betting market across these sectors as well as fixed odds betting on individual matches. Ante post betting is also on offer for major tournaments and the newly established Darts Premier League.




Some of the more popular darts bet typesare listed below.


Outright Betting

A single win or each-way bet on a player to finish first or second in a tournament.


Match Betting

Bet on a player to win a specific match ie Player A or Player B to win.


Each Way Betting

There are two bets here - ie a player to win and a player to place. 


Set Betting

Bet on the score of the match in sets eg (in a first to 3 set match) Player A to win 3-0, Player A to win 3-1, Player A to win 3-2, Player B to win 3-0, Player B to win 3-1, Player B to win 3-2.


To Win 1st Set

Bet on the player you think will win the first set ie Player A or Player B to win the first set.


Leg Betting

Bet on the player you think will win a selected leg ie Player A or Player B to win a selected leg.


To Win 1st Leg

Bet on the player you think will win the first leg ie Player A or Player B to win the first leg.


Correct Set Score

Bet on what you think the score will be in a specific set.


Correct Set Winner

Bet on who you think will win a specific set.


Stage of Elimination

Predict in which round a certain player will exit the tournament.