Sports Information: Boxing



Boxing is a sport in which two gloved competitors attempt to knock their opponent out or out-point him or her during the course of the contest. Matches are supervised by a referee over a series of rounds lasting between one and three minutes, breaking for one minute between them. Amateur contests take place over three rounds (four rounds of two minutes duration for women) and professional bouts extend to 15. The result is decided when an opponent is counted out by the referee, is stopped by the referee, or is declared winner or loser based on the judges' final scorecards. Boxing dates back to the early Olympics in 687 BC, evolving from prizefighting in the 17th and 18th centuries to what we recognise asthe modern sport by the mid 1900s. First established in Great Britain, boxing spread to the USA and beyond, and now has a well established club, national and international framework.




Amateur boxing is an Olympic and Commonwealth sport, a common fixture in most international games. It also has its own World Championships. The nature of the professional sport allied to its larger-than-life personalities guarantees major TV and multi-media coverage. Boxing attracts very high betting turnover in Europe via bookmakers, betting exchanges, spread betting firms and, in the USA, via sportsbooks in Nevada.




  • Update yourself via boxing magazines, websites and online posts

  • Watch as many televised fights as possible

  • Check for any recent injuries.

  • Check prices from various bookmakers and exchanges to secure the best value

  • Look at spread betting odds on the duration of the contest

  • Consider betting in-running