Course Outline

A complete course teaching you how to bet on Football. Contains five modules:


Module 1: Background to American Football - who plays it, when is it played, why is it so popular and more.


Module 2: Betting on Football - basic bets, exotic bets and more.


Module 3: Getting an Edge - an analysis of the different factors that will give you an advantage and maximise your profit


Module 4: Money Management - the essential information on making sure your betting pays


Module 5: Developing a Winning Mentality - the psychological tips and tricks to give you the best possible chance of making your betting profitable and enjoyable


Other titles in the series include Basketball, Baseball and Horseracing.

PLEASE NOTE: Learntobet courses are intended for those over the age of 18. We advise that you adhere to the laws on gambling for your location. We encourage responsible gambling, and do not support or condone any activities which are against the law. Please refer to local legislation if you are in any doubt about this.


We also promote the awareness of potential addiction and financial mismanagement. Our courses give clear guidance on how to avoid these pitfalls and establish practices which will help you maintain an enjoyable and profitable lifestyle with your gambling.