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Press Release: Learntobet USA Brings New Education Tools to USA Betting Market

Pittsburgh, PA – August 1, 2016 – UK betting education service, Learntobet, has expanded to the United States with the launch of Learntobet USA. Sports enthusiasts will benefit from Learntobet USA’s courses, available in downloadable video format. LearntoBet USA provides comprehensive training to the U.S. market, with courses specific to football, baseball, basketball and horseracing. 


For convenience, comprehensive Learntobet USA educational video courses are available for purchase online and on iOS, Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast. Each individual course (football, horseracing, basketball and baseball) includes five to six training modules to explore. Basic written courses are also available from Amazon for use on Kindle devices. 


Founder, Keith Sobey, said of the expansion, "These videos are available to bettors who are interested in putting the odds in their favor. We look forward to building on our experience and establishing LearntobetUSA as the dominant resource in the United States for sports betting education."


Of the Learntobet USA training system, Head of U.S. Operations, Peter Geiringer said, “At the present time, internet betting in the USA is limited to Las Vegas and New Jersey, but this is likely to change significantly over the next two years. Millions of US sports bettors go to Las Vegas and Atlantic City each year and can use our videos to improve their betting performance in the sports books." 

LearntobetUSA.com has the world's best education for betting. Whether you're betting for fun, semi-professionally or professionally, our specially written courses will bring a new dimension to your gambling, and maximize your success.

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Why Learntobet is the best approach to improving your betting enjoyment and profitability:


    a. Don't rely on your "gut feelings" to guide your betting decisions. Follow easy to use

        systems that Learntobet has developed that are based on rational, statistical analysis.

    b. Don't spend money on overpriced, underproducing touting services. We'll show you how

        to do it better and by yourself.

    c. We will show you the trends and factors that will give you a betting edge.

    d. Most people that gamble on sports don't have the time to do the homework necessary

        to give themselves a chance to win. We've done that homework for you.

    e. Try us. All you have to lose is the constant losing.

Why Choose Learntobetusa.com?


Learntobetusa.com is brought to you by the most successful bettors and betting educators ever.


Founder Keith Sobey has operates the hugely successful KSTIPS betting investment service for the past 5 years.


Prior to that Keith founded the Centaur group of companies which were the largest betting investment,bloodstock management and betting education business in Europe.


During this time Keith managed a betting fund of almost £20 million. He also wrote the first ever Professional Gambling MBA. 


Centaur were chosen by Betfair to be their betting education contractor and provided face to face education to over 1000 delegates between 2009 and 2011 at their state of the art Academy in the City of London.


Keith is joined in managing Learntobetusa.com by Peter Geiringer who is Head of Operations in the USA. Peter  has a long term record as a successful gambler on USA Sports. He is a weekly contributor to the Learntobetusa Blog.


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  • Some simple dos and don'ts to help you make a successful start

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Learntobet's aim is provide you with enough information to start betting successfully, highlighting Members' special offers which could potentially increase your winnings. The more you know, the easier it will be to make informed and profitable betting decisions.


Learntobet courses are produced by leading figures in the gambling universe. Keith Sobey has been one of the most successful gamblers in the UK for the last 20 years as well as managing a successful bloodstock business for most of this period. 


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